Paper vs Digital Reading – How to Figure out What’s Best for You: Part 1

The way that we read books and information has changed dramatically over the past decade. It is not so long ago that it you wanted to read anything we had books, newspapers and magazines. Paper was the only option. The only choice in books was whether to select the paperback or the hardback version.

The digital age has changed all that. Now the traditional paper media which served us for so many years is being over taken by digital readers. How do you figure out which is the best option for you? Really the only way is to try out a digital reader for yourself and see if you like it, but there are definitely some pro and cons that may help you make a choice between the two.

The Attraction of Digital Readers

There are many who would say that reading in the digital age has increased choice. You have a potential library of millions of books to choose from. However, that amount of choice has created problems of its own. The digital age gives us the ability to select a book quickly. We have lots of help with our choice from reviews from fellow readers. We can log into a multitude of different sites to find out what our friends are reading to see if we want to make a choice from their recommendations. The whole process can take minutes or hours depending upon how caught up in all the reviews you want to get.

The choice can at times be overwhelming, at other times appealing. With the digital age, instant gratification is perfectly possible. No having to wait for delivery or driving out to your favorite book store.

You can own thousands of books on one simple reader. Think of all that saved space in your home. No more shelves of books that you read once, or buy on impulse and never read at all, taking up valuable square footage in your apartment. One small digital reader is all you need.

The impact on the environment is also less if you buy a digital book and leave the book on the shelf in the store. The environmental impact of the publication of a traditional paper book is much more than that of the digital alternative.

So far the digital book seems to be the ideal answer. Why would we ever want to read a paper book when the digital age offers us this incredibly convenient alternative with a choice of millions of books within our reach?

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